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For Anthony Van Engelen, “Good enough” isn’t good enough—he’s barely satisfied with great.
He’d only put his name on the most uncompromising, technically advanced skate shoe we’ve ever made,
so you can imagine how demanding the design process was for his new signature shoe, the AVE Pro.

Featuring combined DURACAP and RapidWeld no-sew technology with our LuxLiner inner linings for the optimum fit and durability,
the AVE Pro is grounded on our new UltimateWaffle construction to create the best skate shoe worthy of its name.

It also includes RapidWeld, suede, and mesh uppers, and Vans’ Original Waffle Compound outsoles for superior board control.

AVE embodies what it means to be a modern skater. His distinct style is legendarily aggressive and hard-hitting, 
yet technical and progressive. It’s what makes him an icon, and a leading Vans Signature Pro. 
Throughout his 14-year career with Vans Anthony has continued to innovate and push the progression of both skateboarding 
and skate shoe design, introducing a number of progressive technologies with each new signature
model while skating faster and harder than ever year after year. 

The AVE Pro continues to build on this enduring legacy,
standing as the most uncompromising, technically advanced skate shoe Vans has ever made.