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The Era Silhouette | Product innovation inspired by the needs of Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta

The Van Doren Rubber Company opened its doors in Anaheim, California on March 16,1966. Vans founder Paul Van Doren had a unique vision: offer affordable, high-quality footwear that was customizable, allowing customers the ability to make their Vans – just for them. The vulcanized rubber outsoles caught the attention of skateboarders who admired Vans’ rugged make-up and sticky soles that gave them just the right amount of grip to be able to surf the concrete streets of Southern California.

For over 50 years Vans has continued to offer five Classic footwear silhouettes that have each marked a pinnacle point in the company’s history and remain mainstays throughout the footwear offerings today.

The 1970s brought a wave of product innovation inspired by the needs of Dogtown skate legends Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. In 1976, Style #95, now known as the Era was introduced. The skaters upgraded the Authentic deck shoe to include a padded collar and the updated multi-panel construction allowed for different color combinations and style versatility.

The Era has evolved through design details including new materializations, updated colorways and abstract prints and patterns. Vans designers looked to the brand’s roots which inspired bold, artistic “Off The Wall” expressions for these two core classics. The loud, statement-bearing designs hold true to Vans heritage, yet come prepared with modernized twists.

Posted on 19/03/2019
Vans Australia
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